Multiple Voice Capture Techniques

MTSOA has three easy-to-use methods to capture dictation. Voice files are uploaded to our server using telephone dictation, digital recorder, or mobile application and are encrypted during transit. When a voice file is received, copies are stored in two different server farms. We retain the capability to access and listen to any dictation as long as possible, depending on client volume, after which it is backed up and moved to a second data center.

Touch-Tone Telephone

MTSOA offers a touch-tone telephone dictation system, providing physicians a familiar dictation method while still having their dictation automatically routed to our transcription company and transcriptionists within seconds. Touch-tone telephone buttons can easily be programmed to perform desired functions per an emulation that is most familiar or desirable to users. MTSOA supports many telephone dictation devices used for other systems, allowing our server to perform various functions such as, "start recording," "pause," "review 5 seconds," "play," etc. per the customized setting.

Digital Handheld Uploads

MTSOA’s digital upload application resides on any desktop or notebook computer and runs in the background as long as the computer is turned on, automatically uploading dictated voice files from digital recorders to our servers. Clinicians do not have to start the application or click on message buttons or indicator buttons. They simply dock the digital recorder and a secure transfer begins. Dictated voice files are verified for completeness and then removed from the digital recorder, allowing the clinician to begin dictation again. A backup copy of all voice files are securely stored on the docking computer for a period of time that is set per client preference.

Mobile Devices

MTSOA offers mobile applications for Apple, iOS, or Android mobile devices and Smartphones with Windows OS. This gives the clinicians who use MTSOA the ability to access and complete functions wherever they have internet and/or a minimum 3G access.

Available Services:

  • Review appointments
  • Create dictations
  • Upload dictations
  • Review and approve completed transcriptions

The mobile application is a FREE download from the Apple App Store or the Android Marketplace.